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Micro Dose 2mg Delta-9 + 10mg CBD Rapid Effect Mints

Micro Dose 2mg Delta-9 + 10mg CBD Rapid Effect Mints

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Brand new! Perfect for post workout recovery or any time you want a mood boost without heavy effects.

A 2mg micro dose of premium Delta-9 + 10mg of CBD infused in every mint and they are absolutely DELICIOUS. Like a tiny Sweet Tart, but with very very high quality ingredients. They do not melt, they travel exceptionally well and they are rapid acting: 10-15 minutes. 

These are produced in a fully certified, nationally recognized production facility with laboratory grade testing and manufacturing standards. No artificial colors/flavors/preservatives, gluten free and vegan! 20 mints in every jar.

To purchase for delivery in Nashville, Chattanooga and Atlanta please shop online at Nationwide shipping also available.


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