Dispensary Grade, Federally Legal THC & CBD Products.

Tranquil offers some of the highest quality, most rigorously tested and safest hemp-derived products available. Our quality control, production and product safety programs are designed to offer total visibility and transparency for our products. and our source hemp ingredients

You can scan the QR code found on all of our products and using the lot ID found on the packaging, see the tests for that lot. This is practically unheard of in the hemp-derived space.

Quality & Potency, GUARANTEED.

We believe in our quality, safety and potency so strongly that we offer many of our products with a 100% money back guarantee, virtually unheard of in the hemp retail products industry!!!

Hemp derived products with laboratory tested safety.

Full Safety Testing

Every source hemp input is tested by a fully independent third party lab for heavy metals, pesticides, microbiologics, reagants, solvents and acids.

Spectral analysis

Batch Potency Testing

Every batch of Tranquil products is sent to an accredited third party laboratory to test for cannabinoid potency. This ensures that even though Tranquil products are absolutely fantastic, every one is also 100% legal. You can scan any of our products and see the potency testing results for that lot.

Food Grade Packaging

Regardless of product type, all Tranquil products are packaged in food-grade packaging. We work with packaging market leaders to ensure our packaging is free of impurities and undesirable compounds such as BPA, lead and industrial solvents/chemicals left over from the manufacturing process.

Environmentally Conscious

Our plastic drams and clear glass containers are 100% recyclable with zero added adhesives.

Our clear glass containers are made with 56% recycled glass, and all lids are manufactured with zero material waste due to our bi-injection molding process.

Our containers are treated with an organic additive that enhances the speed of microbial decomposition.