Product Testing & Sourcing

Cannabis Sourcing

Concentrates - All cannabinoids and cannabis products are sourced from food-grade manufacturers.

Food Ingredients

Tranquil uses high quality food ingredients such as dark chocolates, unbleached flours, sea salt, real eggs and real butter. We track batch/lot information and expiration dates for all ingredients.

All food ingredients are sourced from food suppliers that themselves perform food safety, batch/lot tracking and compliance testing. No artificial preservatives, colorings or flavorings are used in any of our products.

Batch/Lot Tracking

Every product we produce will have a batch code printed on the packaging.

Inquiries & Issues

If you believe there is a problem or issue with one of our products, please contact us at and include as much information as possible: when and where the product was purchased, batch code found on packaging and a description of the issue.