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85% THCA Badder (1g)

85% THCA Badder (1g)

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IMPORTANT: Other companies who sell badder often misrepresent the amount of THCA for marketing purposes. Look at our potency test in the COA tab on this page: the % of THCA in this Tranquil badder is 85.2%. Which means this Tranquil badder is 85.2% THCA by weight. Some companies will instead use the % of ALL cannabinoids present (not just THCA) to try and make their product look better/more potent. Others will use a % that flat out doesn't match anything on the COA test for their product in the hopes you don't look. Check the COA potency tests, compare THCA content to THCA content and be a savvy customer. :)

This is some of the finest THCA badder available on the market. Tested over 85% pure THCA and we recommend for experienced enthusiasts.

What Is THCA Badder?

THCA (also known as tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) occurs naturally in cannabis plants and when heated it converts to Delta-9 THC. This THCA badder is a concentrated form of THCA and is created through an extraction process that isolates the THCA and forms it into a sticky powdered form. This process results in a product that is both tasty and potent.

Why Isn't It XX% THCA?!

Badder still retains terpenes and other trace cannabinoids besides THCA, which is what gives badder its flavor and super pleasant effects. Thus you'll never see badder with much higher levels of THCA than these because once you get into the 90% THCA, you're going to have THCA diamonds.

How Do You Use It?

THCA badder is a versatile product that can be used in a variety of ways. It can be vaporized using a vape pen for a quick and discreet way to consume THCA. It can also be added to other products, such as flower, to enhance potency. Finally, it can be mixed with other concentrates such as diamonds to bring an entourage effect due to the diverse array of cannabinoids found naturally in badder.

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